5 Best Vacation Spots in Albuquerque

CFD4U - Oct 25, 2019

Albuquerque, one of the largest cities in New Mexico. A place which is equipped with the deserts, historical monuments, new environment, and many more crazy things. Located at the center of New Mexico, this beautiful place can be easily accessible from any of the corners of Mexico. For Albuquerque vacations, this is the best family destination and loaded with unique traveling destinations like parks.

If you are choosing Albuquerque vacations as your next travel destination and you need to know a lot of things about this destination after having your plane tickets to Albuquerque. Today, in this post, we will share the 5 Best Vacation Spots in Albuquerque. So, have a look below to know more about such places.

Old town

Old town is built by Spanish, Native Americans, and Mexican cultures. This place gives travelers a relaxing experience with having cobblestone streets, cottonwood trees, and adobe structures. As per the recent survey, this place is among the list of tourist-friendly destinations in New Mexico with having little museums, art galleries, souvenir shops, and luxury restaurants.

Unser Racing Museums

This museum gets its name from a legacy family that is located over the area of Albuquerque. In this area, you will see an exclusive range of vehicles that are used from the last century. This place is loaded with fun and the best place that loves racing cars or automobiles. From this place, they will also know about the history of racing cars, but for this you have to book cheap plane tickets.

Sandia Peak Tramway

At the height of the 10,378 experience, the beautiful view of the mountains. Enjoy the ride of 2.7 miles using the cable, which starts from the eastern edge to the rugged summit and explore the mind-blowing view of sprawling Albuquerque. Have an adventurous experience here by climbing the La Luz Trail from the top to the tramway.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Situated close to the Old Town, and this place let the travelers be aware of the geological history of the Albuquerque. Dinosaur skeletons and models are the best part of this area. Enjoy the procedure of extracting dinosaur fuel from the place here. This place is the best for everyone, whether they kids, adults or old persons during Albuquerque vacations. See the planetarium and a dome theatre to enjoy the daily shows, including constellation and space.

American International Rattlesnake museum

Having one of the largest and unique gatherings of the existing snakes. This museum guides all of the 34 species of the rattlesnakes from across the World. Here you can enjoy photography, perform snake-related artwork, and other adventures. For travelers who afraid of snakes, this is the best place to overcome their fear. This place is situated within the safest and the controlled environment.

At last, we hope that if you are visiting Albuquerque, then you will visit these places after booking your cheap flights to Albuquerque to make your trip more memorable, enjoyable, and loving.