Best places to visit in Tucson, USA

CFD4U - Apr 23, 2020

There are a lot of things to offer by the "City of Sunshine," from hiking to taking a journey into history, a pleasant mix of cultural and natural attractions to keep visitors busy. It is known for its warm and dry climate, which provides favorable conditions to the visitors. The city located in the states of Arizona. So if you are from any other country and want best places to visit in Tucson, then you can get there by cheap flights. There are cheap plane tickets to Tucson which are available at affordable rate.

Here are the best places to visit in Tucson, which you should not miss.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is located to the west of Tucson. It has many features like aquarium, zoo, botanical garden, natural history museum, art gallery, and an intimate view of the desert landscape. You will be educated by the museum about the flora and fauna that can be found in the region.

Explore the trails of Saguaro National Park

The park is named 'saguaro' after the indigenous cactus, which grows here in the Desert and can be witnessed by the visitors. It is the tallest species in North America.

El Presidio Historic District

El Presidio Historic District is one of the oldest sites in the USA, and if you are a history lover, you must visit here. Once upon a time, it was inhabited by the Hohokam Indians, which become the site of a Spanish military fort in 1775, and now it is the City of Tucson.

Tucson's Hiking Trails

To the adventure lovers, Tucson has excellent mountains, and obe can acing up your hiking boots and heading up. Whether you are a professional and a regular hiker or want to explore the surroundings, it has something for everyone.

University of Arizona

It is the home of the Mineral Museum, Centre for Creative Photography, and university of Arizona Museum of Art. You can spend days to explore this place and never get bored.

Reid Park Zoo

You will wonder how many animals are collected in the small zoo. You can see here many wild animals like elephants, bears, lions, tigers, giraffes, and many others. For a small fee you can see many animals and the best one is Giraffe Encounters.

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

It is one of the most massive dry caverns in the United States, which is located nearby Vail, and you can reach there in a short drive. According to local stories, an old stagecoach robbery is still buried somewhere inside. It is not explored thoroughly, and some part of these still needs to be explored. So here are the best places you can explore in Tucson. If you are planning to visit here, then the best time is from April to May and September to October. In summers, the temperature is quite high, and you will get a good discount on hotels and cheap plane tickets. At the time of winter's airlines provides cheap flights to Tucson.