Cheap Flights to Alaska

Alaska State – USA

When it comes to finding cheap flights to Alaska, has the best deals for you. So you can get to know the largest state in the United States and enjoy the most touristic places it has to offer. And then you’ll realize that there is much to see and do in this particular place in the north of the world.
While many associate Alaska with snow and icy trails, we’ve to admit the magic in its landscapes and wildlife is quite powerful. So much so that it leaves many travelers totally in love with nature. So, get good cheap plane tickets and let’s start this adventure to the state of Alaska.

Airports in Alaska State

The first thing you have to do when planning your adventure is to find the flights in USA that perfectly suit your trip. In this case, if you come from another part of the world that isn’t the United States, you’ll possibly arrive at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. But there is also a slim chance that you can land at Fairbanks International Airport.
However, if you’re coming directly from the United States, the best option is Ted Stevens Airport in Anchorage.

What to do in Alaska State?

The state of Alaska is the perfect place for those who know how to appreciate nature. Because the beauty of the landscapes and all the activities you can do are endless. In addition to finding things that surely you’ll not find anywhere else. For this and for what you’ll see next, Alaska has no comparison.

Visit the National Parks

Alaska is huge, and its national parks are too. With 17 parks full of natural beauty and lots of activities to do, the most special is Wrangell-San Elías. Which is also the largest park in the entire United States. And it houses a small mining town that will remind you of times gone by. On the other hand, among the activities to be carried out are fishing, excursions, hiking, boat rides and much more.

Go whale watching on an ice cruise

You can explore a glacial paradise and feel like an Eskimo in Kenai Fjords Park through boat tours. Or you can go to Juneau, where you’ll find a sea between the mountains where whales are sighted from April to November.

See the Northern Lights

We told you that in Alaska there are things that you’ll not find elsewhere. And this is one of the few places in the world where you can see the Northern Lights and have an unforgettable experience. So be sure to see it in Fairbanks during the winter.

Where to sleep in Alaska State?

Not only is’t enough to have cheap flights to Alaska, but also to find a good place to rest after your tours. And that also has a good price, therefore, below, we leave you some good options so that you can choose the best one for you:
Hyatt Place Anchorage (3-star hotel)
Sophie Station Suites (4 star hotel)
Staybridge Suites Anchorage (3-star hotel)
• Candlewood Suites (3-star hotel)

Food in Alaska State

It’s time to taste Alaskan cuisine, and we have to say that it’s quite unique. With a great variety of fish soups, the characteristic marinated salmon. Even more particular options that you’ll only find here, such as the elk burger or the whale meat prepared specifically in the winter.
You also have the Akutaq, also known as the Eskimo ice cream. Which is a traditional recipe of the native population of the area that contains berries, vegetable or animal fat and sugar. Although you can also find a salty version with meats from different sources.