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Anchorage – Alaska State

Anchorage – USA
If you’re looking for cheap flights to Anchorage, you have to count on That gets you the best cheap domestic flights USA that you could find. So you can take advantage of their offers and start that dream trip that you have been waiting for all this time. And why not? In this case it could be the city-county of Anchorage.
It’s one of the places in the state of Alaska with the greatest amount of nature untouchable by human hand. And for snow lovers, this is the perfect place to go on winter holidays. Although you can also find a lot of entertainment on summer days. So let’s take a look at where you need to start your trip to Anchorage.

Airports in Anchorage

The first thing you have to do to start your adventure is to get cheap plane tickets. Luckily has the perfect deals for you. The only thing you’ve to take into account is to know very well where you want to land. And in Anchorage you have a couple of options. First is Ted Stevens International Airport, which has a terminal for flights from other countries and a terminal for local and domestic flights.
In addition to Merrill Field Airport, however, our most recommended option is for you to opt for a safe arrival at Ted Stevens Airport.

What to do in Anchorage?

You can’t miss a thing in Alaska’s most important city. And if you have a wide schedule, take advantage of it very well, because in Anchorage you’ll find many wonders. From spectacular landscapes, unique animals and fun out of the ordinary like the following:

Finding a Moose

Possibly one of the most iconic animals in all of Alaska and nearby places. You can find a moose even kilometers after the airport. Or also at the Wildlife Conservation Center, if you want to see them for a longer time.

See the glaciers

And you can hear them too, because when taking a cruise through Seward or Whittier you can hear the drops of the sea splashing on the glaciers. Ah! And of course, you can also watch beautiful beluga whales chasing salmon.

Get to know the native culture

In Alaska there are several languages and different traditions of the natives. And in Anchorage you can find the Alaska Native Heritage Center, where you’ll learn all about this. In addition to knowing the other museums and cultural centers of the city.

Take a ride on the railroad

It was the first to link the remote wilderness of Alaska. This leaves daily to other cities that you can visit in a single day.

See the Northern Lights

One of the activities that you can only find in places like Alaska. And in Anchorage you can see the Northern Lights in the Knik River area, among other places, between the times of September and April.

Where to sleep in Anchorage?

It’s not all about tours or finding cheap flights to Anchorage. You should also find a good place to rest after your walk. And in this city there are quite cheap and cozy options to receive tourists. Like the ones you’ll see below:
La Quinta by Wyndham (3-star hotel)
Coast International Inn (3-star hotel)
The Lakefront (3-star hotel)
Hyatt Place Anchorage (3-star hotel)

What food is there in Anchorage?

Anchorage food is just as distinctive as other common Alaskan dishes. But, of course, there are always dishes that you have to try. And one of those is the famous fresh or smoked salmon. King crab legs are also a good option. As well as fresh cod in soy sauce and lemon juice. But if you’re looking for a good dessert, you can try the bread filled with dark chocolate and the jellies with fresh berries harvested with the best quality.