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Arkansas is the great green lung of the United States with a wealth of national forests and beautiful landscapes. You can find crystal clear waters, huge mountains and impressive fauna in this great natural state. So stay with us, because we’ll learn about everything the state of Arkansas has to offer.

Airports in Arkansas State- USA

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What to do in Arkansas State – USA?

The state of Arkansas can offer you many natural and cultural wonders, so you’ll have a lot to choose from if you decide to travel to this state. You simply have to choose a city that is of your preference. Although we know that you’ll not settle for visiting only one city. So we leave you some attractions that you have to know

Hot Springs National Park

You can’t miss the relaxing hot springs and the beautiful hiking trails. It’s also a familiar place, since you can camp, walk the paths of the hot springs and enjoy a small picnic.

Garvan Forest Gardens

This is one of the largest botanical gardens in the entire state, so you have to visit it. It has a great variety of flora and an unforgettable landscape. We recommend that you go to the Japanese garden, which has plants and flowers that you have never seen.

Ozark Folk Center

If you like native folk culture, then this place is perfect for you. Because you’ll find everything you want to know about these first Native Americans, in addition to their history and rich culture. And why not? You can also take some memories of your trip.

Little Rock Zoo

Another attraction for the whole family where they house all kinds of animals. But surely the most prominent is the Big Cats exhibition, where you can meet the largest cats in the world. From the Malay tigers to the ferocious African lion. If you’re a lover of all kinds of cats, this place is perfect for you.

Timberlands Region

If you want to continue cultivating your knowledge about Native America, you can find a good place to do it in Timberlands. Since you’ll see a series of log cabins and reconstructions of this culture. In addition to interesting rural paintings.

Where to sleep in Arkansas State – USA?

Now let’s see where you can stay if you decide to spend a few days in the State of Arkansas. You can check best hotel prices with out tool. Some of the following options are fully accessible and of good quality:
• Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court (3-star hotel)
• Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott (3-star hotel)
• TownePlace Suites by Marriott (3 star hotel)

What to eat in Arkansas State – USA?

Since the state of Arkansas is located in the southern United States, then it should come as no surprise that traditional dishes include typical southern ingredients. So get ready to eat varieties of BBQ, prime rib, fried chicken, fried catfish sandwiches, cornbread, coleslaw. In addition to various poultry and lamb meats.