Cheap Flights to Baltimore, Maryland

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Cheap Flights to Baltimore, Maryland

Traveling is part of a multi-layered life, in traveling we explore new gears like new countries, new cultures, new personalities, new friends, new experiences and even we explore the new person in our personality. Whenever you decide to book cheap flights to Baltimore or anywhere with cheap domestic flights USA, a new sense of excitement, thrill, and happiness hit your mind and it surely throws a very good effect on your mental health. Travelling gives you the chance to explore yourself and you learn new ways to live your life happily with fewer resources.
Traveling increases the sense of acceptance in your society, as you see different cultures and learn to accept different ethnicities of the world with different cultures and traditions. Is not it sound exciting? Yes, it is exciting to explore this world in a new way. It is the most famous Chinese proverb that,
“Don’t listen to what they say, go and see”
There is nothing more exciting than to see the world with your own eyes and warm your soul with good memories in the future by remembering them. Traveling put some cool changes in your personality, some of those changes are like;
o More independent
o More confident and better in conversations
o Adaptable of different environments
o Happier
o More adventurous
o Through traveling you create memories
After reading all of the above advantages, you must be thinking of the place to visit. Am I saying right? It’s not a problem anymore, we are here for you.


Life in Baltimore

To make your life more exciting, thrilling and happy, we choose Baltimore for your exciting traveling trip. Are you worried about the expenses that are going to occur on your tour? Relax, it is not a problem anymore. You don’t have to worry about the cheap flights to Baltimore Maryland, hotels stay, tourist attractions, weather conditions, airports, and amazing foods.
Baltimore is the most populous city of state Maryland in the united states of America. Baltimore is also called the “Independent City in the country”, as it was established by the constitution of Maryland in 1729. Baltimore is the home of so many renowned scholars who made this city proud of them. Baltimore is full of amazing places to visit, tourist attractions, elegant architecture, friendly people, lively nightlife, gourmet food, and killing music make it an effective place to visit which will worth spending your money.
According to one stat, Baltimore has more museums, statues, and monuments per capita than any other country in the world. So, you are excited to hear all this amazing information about your next tourist attraction, this place surely worth your excitement.
You just need to follow our article for getting point to point guidance to reach in Baltimore, Guidance to get cheap flights to Baltimore and roam around without any trouble.

How to get information related to Baltimore?

It is important to make this heading as our first step before starting anything, the step “to gather important information” before starting your journey to any specific place. So, to gather information from a trust-able source is also very important, you need to see, whether that source is providing you authorize and real point to point information with real and trust-able information.
Suppose, if that source is giving you information related to the flights to Baltimore Maryland then you must have to verify the trustworthiness of that source. So, in this condition, our article is going to give the best information related to cheap plane tickets to Baltimore and you can trust this piece of writing blindly.

How to get into Baltimore?

The first question that hits our mind, when we think to go anywhere is, how to get there? You do not need to worry about this, as this is the easy step, you will just have to keep your flight in your budget. For this, you will have to search for cheap flights to Baltimore and choose the airline of your choice. You just search for cheap flights and our piece of writing will give you information related to the airports of Baltimore.

Airports near to Baltimore

Baltimore is the city of Maryland (State) located in the United States of America. We chose Baltimore for your traveling plan and at this point, we are going to give information about those airports of Maryland which are near to Baltimore, so you can easily get into there and visit Baltimore along with some other cities of Maryland. You will reach here by taking cheap flights to Baltimore. Everyone wants to save his pocket, so it is not bad to go for the economical package by choosing flights to Baltimore. So, here is a list of airports that you need to consider before going to Baltimore.

Airports near to Baltimore

Airport NameCity Served
Baltimore-Washington int. airport (BWI)Baltimore
Ronald Reagan Washington national airportBaltimore
Washington Dulles int. airportBaltimore
Lancaster Airport (Pennsylvania)Baltimore
Martin state airportBaltimore/Middle river
Essex SkyparkBaltimore
Martin state airportBaltimore

Major cities of Maryland (Near to Baltimore)

No doubt Baltimore (City of independence) is the city worth spending your money, but it is natural phenomena that everybody wants to gain the maximum value out of their money. So, when you have reached in Baltimore by taking so many steps (like Searching, planning, deciding, shopping, packing, booking cheap flights to Baltimore, and at the end by taking long and tiring flights) you would want to take maximum advantage and will wish to visit some other major cities of the Maryland. At this point, we are going to give you the idea of some major cities of Maryland other than Baltimore.


This city is the capital of the Maryland state. So, it is a must-visit city, this is understood that capital in the whole world has more history, rich culture, state departments, museums, fun, and more enjoyment for their visitors by illustrating the culture and traditions of that country or city most dramatically.
Annapolis has a lot to offer to tourists, like amazing and gourmet food, shopping malls, amazing restaurants, beautiful parks, nice overlooks for a family vacation, lots of attractions to see, museums, Naval academy to see and lots of more things. So, it’s a must-visit city.


When you are visiting Maryland, how can you forget about the lively and popular city “Baltimore”? So, it’s a must-visit. Major fun activities are around the Harbor and this city has lots of eateries, elegance in architecture, friendly people, lively nightlife with amazing music, and splendid fireworks display. Baltimore is a fun place to call home. This city has an amazing specialty of crab cakes, pit beef, and delicious Berger cookies.
Baltimore also has a specialty of Inner harbor and Greektown. It has historic districts to show the history of their culture by making this, people walk around to see a glimpse of the historically rich city and it is surrounded by the eateries and shops.


Columbia is also one of the great cities to visit in Maryland. Columbia is the second biggest city in Maryland with more population, the first spot is occupied by Baltimore. This city would be easy to visit if you are staying in Baltimore because it is located between Washington DC and Baltimore.
Columbia tops the list with strong art focus, so many amazing theaters, and concerts happen here frequently. It has the crown of most awaited festivals of the state to host, “Wine in the Woods”, and Columbia festival of arts.


This city is at the third spot in the list of big cities. This is also called the city of forests; it is specially made to give space to the farmers of Maryland and to grow forests. This is famous for the most delicious organic food and beautiful and breathtaking sceneries.

Silver Spring

This city is the part of Montgomery county, if you want to see variety of entertainment options then to visit Silver Spring is must, as it has frequent concerts, Music venues, Golf courses, restaurant with delicious and amazing food, theaters with splendid artwork, and cinemas with latest and trending movies.


You can visit this city if you have some interest in farming. Because it is the land of farming and people frequently grow tobacco here. The living style of people here is a mix of mix style, as they are living urbanized life with farming.

Ellicott City

This city grabs the seventh-largest spot in the list of most populist cities. This great city is the hub of literary activities because there are large numbers of galleries, museums, and valley state parks with literature-related activities.

Attractions to visit in Baltimore

When we go somewhere to visit that place in our full capacity then we should do some research before leaving home to make our tour more effective and to avoid any trouble in the future regarding deciding the tourist attractions to visit. Here is the list of tourist attractions that you can visit during your stay in Baltimore.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

If someone has love to see history or historical places, then this place is a must-visit for him. This fort was built in 1798-1803 to command the army on the battlefield. You can roam around the fort and can take pictures and videos. It has so much to learn from it and it is preserved in very good condition.

Walters Art Gallery

Some people have a special place of art in their heart and they consider art galleries as their haven. So, for those people, this place is a must-visit. This amazing art gallery has the artwork from the third millennium BC to the early 20th century. The museum is especially notable for the many ways in which it makes its exhibits and collections accessible to children, with special activities, puzzles, treasure hunts, and more ways to engage young minds.

National Aquarium

This is the most frequently visited place in Baltimore, the people who have a special place for living sea things then this is the place to visit. Visitors experience an open ocean environment here with tropical rain forests. They meet with sharks and dolphins in person.

American Visionary Art Museum

There is no doubt in it that Baltimore is the heaven of art, culture, and museums. This one is the most unusual art museum; this museum displays the work of the self-taught art workers around the world. This is not the only gallery of the paintings and drawings, but it is the heaven for art lovers, and it is must visit to place even for the non-art people to give satisfaction to your eyes with splendid views.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore Museum of art built at the concept of the American visionary art museum, but it deals with the paintings, artworks, drawings, sculptures, and decorative arts from all over the world. This museum has a sculpture garden in it with free entry. Isn’t it amazing to hear? Then what are you waiting for? go and pack your bags.

Fell’s Point

This amazing restored historic is located in Baltimore at the waterfront. It also has different places to entertain people. This restored shipbuilding district restored with brick buildings which are consist of restaurants, cafes, shops and much more to make this place great for meet and greet.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Maryland is very famous for its sports activities. This is the official home of the baseball league team. You can go and enjoy a baseball match if you have an interest in sports and baseball and want to enjoy an amazing game in this splendid park.

Weather of the Baltimore

I know before going on a holiday you will have to pack your bag according to the weather of that place. So, for this purpose, I am giving you a quick idea about the weather in Baltimore.
Baltimore mostly has summers that vary from the hot to mild, and when there are winters, they are also not too cold. Snow happens occasionally, most of the time cold rains take the place of snow. Mild temperature is more common in the winters. Warm, mild, cold and sunny nights are un-expected in the spring and fall.

74.8 °F
53.4 °F
56.8 °F

Famous foods in the Baltimore (Must have)

When we plan to visit somewhere the most concern thing is the food of that country, as no one can remain without eating for so many days. So, it is necessary to take a quick look at the famous foods of that country which you are going to visit in the future. We are going to give you a quick guide to famous foods, available in Baltimore.
o All kinds of seafood
o Maryland blue crab
o Fractured Prune Doughnuts
o National Bohemian Beer (Brewed in 1885 in Baltimore)
o Snowball (Made of snow with different colorful flavors)
o Cakes of Charm city (Baltimore)
o Berger cookies (Soft, vanilla-flavored cookie covered with thick chocolate layer).
o Pit Beef (Grilled beef with different sauces and breads)
o Lemon Peppermint Stick (Sweet and sour taste is hitting the country with its popularity)

Essential Information for Baltimore

Currency: US Dollar
Population: 621,849 (2015)
Dialing Code: +1 410, 443, 667
Sales Tax: 6%