Cheap Flights to Ketchikan

Hotels in Ketchikan

Ketchikan – Alaska State

If you want to find cheap flights to Ketchikan, then has the best options for you when it comes to cheap domestic flights USA. And this time, you’ll have the opportunity to find excellent cheap plane tickets to Ketchikan, a well-known city in the state of Alaska, which you’ll surely enjoy a lot.
Also known as the World City of Salmon, it’s a place known for its fishing, beautiful landscapes and Native American culture. With all the landscapes that seem to have come out of a movie, cultural heritage and dishes made with salmon, in Ketchikan you’ll find plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

Airports in Ketchikan

With you’ll not only have the option of getting cheap plane tickets, but also reaching the best destinations and airports. And in the case of Ketchikan, the best option to land is the Ketchikan International Airport. A fairly central airport in the city that allows local and some international flights.

What to do in Ketchikan?

Now that you’ve selected your flight, it’s time to start your adventure in World Salmon City. And we have to tell you that there is a lot to go in this city, besides eating salmon of course. So we leave the introductions and present you the places that you must visit:

Beautiful adventures and landscapes

While you’re in Ketchikan you can reserve a day to zip line in the Alaskan forest. You can also enjoy quieter activities at Misty Fjords National Monument, at the beautiful waterfalls. And if you like animals, in the Tongass National Forest you can find moose, beavers, otters, bears and even whales on the coast.

Totem Potlatch Park

If you want to know the native history, you have to visit this park dedicated to the Tlingit, some Alaska natives. Here you’ll also find carved wood, houses and totems inspired by these ancient inhabitants of these areas.

Salmon market

You can’t leave Ketchikan without visiting the salmon market. Here they prepare salmon in so many ways that you have never seen before. And you can buy some fresh fish, different types of seafood, as well as jellies and delicious artisan jams.

Rotary Beach

If you want a moment of relaxation, Rotary Beach is a good option for you and the whole family. During low tide you can explore the pools to see all kinds of shellfish and small fish. And at some times of the year you can even find orcas passing by the beach.

Where to sleep in Ketchikan?

Cheap hotel search in Ketchikan shouldn’t be a headache. There are multiple options that are close to the airport. And other more exclusive accommodations, which may cost you a little more to find. However, here you don’t have to think much, because we’ll present you with the best options you have in Ketchikan.
Edgewater Inn Restaurant and Marina (2-star hotel)
The Landing Hotel (3-star hotel)
Gilmore Hotel (2-star hotel)
Black Bear Inn (3-star hotel)

Popular foods in Ketchikan

If you visit Alaska, you’ll notice that all cities have very similar dishes. And you can find a sample of the gastronomy of this state in each city. Ketchikan is no exception. We already mentioned the characteristic salmon, and it’s possibly the most consumed fish in the city. And they prepare it in so many ways that you won’t have time to try them all.
You can also find good recipes for marinated seafood, crab legs, and even whale meat at certain times of the year. But if you want a taste of typical American street food, you have a lot of variety in the nightlife. And some more unusual options like moose meat burgers.