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If you want to find cheap flights to Montgomery, then this is your lucky day. Since offers you a number of cheap plane tickets to make your trips in a more intelligent way. So you’ll have much more money saved to enjoy your walks in this city in the State of Alabama.
It’s nothing more and nothing less than the cradle of the civil rights movements in the United States. Besides of course, being the capital of the state of Alabama. On the riverside of the Alabama River is Montgomery, a city steeped in history, politics, and iconic figures in American history.

Montgomery Airports

Before thinking about cheap USA Flights Domestic, you should think about where you want to go to start your trip. And one of the advantages of Montgomery is that you don’t have to think too much. Since you can make an internal flight to Montgomery Airport. Or, if you’re traveling from another country, you can arrive at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and then transfer to the city.

What to do in Montgomery?

We already mentioned it to you, Montgomery was the cradle of the fight for civil rights. Being the place where Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, who would become an African-American activist. But here you’ll also find other historical places, music and culture that you can enjoy alone or with your family.

A visit to the Rosa Parks Museum

This is a museum dedicated to relaying information and educating the whole family about the famous Rosa Parks boycott on the Montgomery bus. Here visitors can go back in time to witness times when segregation and racial discrimination were on the rise. In addition to admiring the brave act of Parks and other activists.

Admire the history and art in the museums

Museums are an important part of many cities in the United States, as they reflect its history and culture. So a visit to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Alabama State Archives and History Museum is a must on your trip.

Relax at Riverfront Park

Now is the time to spend some relaxing time by the waters of Riverfront Park. Where you can also enjoy artistic events, concerts, baseball games, and boat rides on the river.

Be part of jazz history

Music lovers will love being a part of Jazz history at the Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. A site that pays tribute to this couple of musicians and that tells us the history of the characters, from their early years to the last days of their lives.

Where to stay in Montgomery?

In addition to finding best flight deals, you should focus on finding a good place to stay. And luckily here we solve this problem by pointing out the best hotels you can find in Montgomery. So below you have several options of medium and high quality so that you can choose the best one for you.
Days Inn by Wyndham (2 Star Hotel)
Best Western Montgomery (2 star hotel)
Red Roof Inn Montgomery (2-star hotel)
Budgeted Inn and Suits (2 star hotel)

Food in Montgomery

The gastronomy in Montgomery is similar to that of other cities in the state of Alabama. Since you’ll always find the same delicious southern food as in other places. This means that the pork ribs, roast beef, chicken with BBQ sauce accompanied by baked vegetables and corn bread are a must for any tourist.
Not to mention, you must try the street food that abounds on Montgomery nights. Like the lamb meat sandwiches, pork with different sauces or the classic fish and chips.