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Sitka – Alaska State

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If you travel to Alaska, you shouldn’t miss the city of Sitka, which is part of the outer coast and has an interesting historical background. This city steeped in history, Russian and Tlingit culture, can offer you a lot for your trip. So don’t stop reading, because you’ll love the idea of knowing this place.

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What to do in Sitka?

There is a lot to do in this coastal city, from its beautiful parks, breathtaking landscapes, incredible totem poles, to remarkable historical buildings. So prepare your list to write down all the places in Sitka that you must visit on your trip.

Sitka Park

You’ll find many parks and attractions with totems in Alaska, but possibly none as impressive as Sitka Park. Since it mixes the history with the nature of the native totems of all Alaska and the cultural influences of the Tlingit as fur hunters.

The Bear’s Fortress

If you’re passionate about animals, especially large mammals, you’ll love this rescue center. Since it offers a second chance to rescued and orphaned bears. This fort is located near the Tongass National Forest, and it’ll give you the opportunity to observe bears and have a beautiful connection with these animals.

Baranof Island Brewing Company

If you want more than just the traditional museums and rural attractions that Sitka has to offer, then you have to go to this brewing company. At this local brewery you can sample a fine homemade Sitka drink made from Alaskan glacier water, hops, and a gourmet malts blend.

Kayaking in the desert

If you like strong emotions, you have to go to Sitka’s rivers, lakes and coasts. You can rent a boat or go on a kayak trip through the cold waters that abound in this wonderful Alaskan city.

Where to stay in Sitka?

Staying in Sitka isn’t difficult, you will find best hotel prices in many places throughout the city. For all tastes and even with the most beautiful views you can ask for. But if you don’t know where to start, here are some good places to sleep in Sitka.
Sitka Hotel (3-star hotel)
Westmark Sitka (4 star hotel)
Totem Square Hotel and Marina (3 star Hotel)

What to eat in Sitka?

The dishes that you can’t miss in this city are mainly based on salmon. Since Sitka is one of the cities with the highest production of this fish and other sea products. You can also enjoy prawns, octopus and crabs, accompanied by French fries, fresh vegetables and Akutaq, a fat mixed with fruits.
Also don’t forget to try the wild fruits and berries in any of the presentations. And if you want a taste of the sweet gastronomy, you can’t miss the Baked Alaska, a cake with ice cream and an irresistible meringue topping.