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You’ll find that Yuma has always been an important city for the United States, even before its colonization. Since it was one of the safe crossings of the Colorado River in ancient times. Then, with the gold rush and other more recent events, Yuma has become a place full of history and nature that is worth knowing.

Airports in Yuma

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In this city you can get to the Yuma International Airport, where you can easily start your new adventure in this incredible city.

What to see and do in Yuma?

Yuma is a city with fun and entertainment for the whole family. For this reason, below we’ll mention the attractions that we consider the most outstanding. However, you have to know that there are many others that are also interesting, so don’t hesitate to investigate further. Because this way you can get the most out of your trip.

Visit the historic centre

Dozens of destructive floods happened here in the past. But with the rehabilitation of this area, it has become an excellent historic centre. Where you’ll find various tours, shops, restaurants and good entertainment.

Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens

If you want a hidden place in the city to relax, the Sanguinetti Gardens are ideal for you. Since this house and beautiful gardens serve as the museum to honour the life of the merchant E. F. Sanguinetti. In addition to being able to enjoy a delicious coffee after finishing the tour.

The Center of the World

Near Yuma you’ll find a seemingly random point that has been approved as the official center of the world by the United States and by the French Government. On this site you’ll find a set of granite pyramids and a church. An interesting place for less.

Parks and nature reserves

Yuma is full of natural parks. For example, the Colorado River State Historic Park with its great plains. Or the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge with its deserts and hiking. The Yuma Conservation Garden for animal lovers. And the wonderful sandy desert of the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Waylon Water Park

If you go with children, they can’t miss an exciting day in this park with more than 15 slides and attractions. So get ready to dive into all the pools, and then enjoy an afternoon on the miniature golf or in the pleasant on-site restaurant.

Yuma lodgings

When looking for accommodation in the State of Arizona, in Yuma you can find best hotel prices to enjoy your trip. All suitable for the enjoyment of the whole family. And if you don’t want to search hotel by hotel for your perfect accommodation, no problem. Because next, we leave you very good options for you.
Budgetel Inn and Suites (2-star hotel)
Howard Johnson by Wyndham (2 star hotel)
Best Western Yuma Mall (3-star hotel)
Days Inn by Wyndham (2 star hotel)

Foods to try in Yuma

Yuma abounds with American food characteristic of the entire region. However, you can also find a wide variety of restaurants from other cultures. In particular, Tex Mex food and gastronomy typical of other Latin American countries. But you can’t miss the American breakfast dishes, the typical fast food of the roads. And even western inspired lunches, which have a lot to offer you.