You can’t miss these best places to visit in Jacksonville

CFD4U - Nov 16, 2019

Jacksonville, a place which is bounded with the beautiful beaches and adventure activities. If you are planning your visit to Jacksonville, then this is the only post from where you can get all the important information related to the place. We believe that after reading this post, You can’t miss these best places to visit in Jacksonville, you will definitely get your cheap flights to Jacksonville booked.

Little Talbot Island

While you will visit this amazing Little Talbot Island, you will enjoy five mile ride to the forest. While you are riding, you will meet with many wildlife species. If you love fishing, then you enjoy catching fishes at this amazing place. Birds and other aquatic animals are the best part of this place.

The Florida Theatre

This place is among the list of the historic places. The Florida Theater is very much famous as it has organized around 2000 of annual events since it was build. You can also enjoy music concerts here as well and such concerts can be rock, jazz, pop and many more.

Beaches Town Center

This amazing place is located on the place where both of the beaches Neptune and Atlantic meet. Enjoy shopping, beach stores, art galleries and eating at this beautiful place by having cheap plane tickets.

Fort Caroline National Memorial

This place is the most exciting fort situated on Jacksonville which is established in the year 1565. On the top of this memorial, you can watch an amazing view of the river St. Johns. This national memorial is filled with the 1.3 mile nature ride. If you love exploring history, then this is the best place to explore.

MOSH or Museum of Science and History

In this place, you can have experience of the real universe and space. This place is among the list of one of the largest planetariums in the United States of America. This place is family friendly and at this place you will learn a lot of things related to the Universe and its facts.

Dog Wood Park

This Park is spread over area of 42 acres having lake suitable for swimming, having various fun games, having trails for both of small and big dogs, and many more things.

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

This is the best place for exploring the beauty of nature, dynamic art, historical monuments, and other things. For the lovers of art and children is the most amazing place to explore. Enjoy the history of the place, gardens and the beauty of river.

Catty Shack Ranch

This place is filled with the rescued big cats and tigers. Here you will be aware of the history and the other information related to the tigers or cats. Day time is the best time to visit this place. Watching the tigers inside their cages is the best moments to see here. So, at last we hope that you have cleared with all the related information related to the best places you to visit in Jacksonville and after reading this post you will definitely get your cheap flights to Jacksonville.